Command-line interface¶

This is the reference for the haskus-system-build program.


  • init: create a new project from a template

    • --template or -t (optional): template name

  • build: build the project and its dependencies (Linux)

  • test: launch the project into QEMU

    • --init (optional): specify an init program (override ramdisk.init in system.yaml)

  • make-disk: create a directory containing the whole system

    • --output or -o (mandatory): output directory

  • make-iso: create an ISO image of the system

  • test-iso: test the ISO image with QEMU

  • make-device: install the system on a device

    • --device or -d (mandatory): device path (e.g., /dev/sdd). For now, the first partition is used as a boot partition.

Note that the tool also builds libgmp as it is required to statically link programs produced by GHC. Some distributions (e.g., Archlinux) only provide and not libgmp.a.

The tool requires other programs and commands:

  • git

  • tar, lzip, gzip, cpio

  • make, gcc, binutils…

  • stack

  • dd, (u)mount, cp

  • qemu

  • xorriso