5. Durability and Evolution

Our approach should be both durable and evolutive. Durable because we only use mature technology: Linux and GHC developments both started in early 1990s and are still very active. The only new layer in the stack is haskus-system framework. All of these are open-source free software, ensuring long-term access to the sources.

The approach is evolutive: Haskell language is evolving in a controlled way with GHC’s extensions (and a potential future Haskell standard revision); GHC as a compiler and a runtime system is constantly improving and support for new architectures could be added; Linux support for new hardware and new architectures is constantly enhanced and specific developments could be done to add features useful for haskus-system (or your own system on top of it).

haskus-system framework itself is highly evolutive. First it is new and not tied to any standard. Moreover code refactoring in Haskell is much easier than in low-level languages such as C (thanks to the strong typing), hence we can easily enhance the framework interfaces as user code can easily be adapted.